12GB+25mins Monthly Plan

12GB+25mins Monthly Plan

12GB+2GB YouTube Night + 25mins.
30 days
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MTN's range of 4G MiFi devices and accompanying data bundles offer seamless, portable internet connectivity for users on the go. These compact MiFis allow multiple devices to connect simultaneously, making them ideal solutions for personal, professional, or travel use.

Among the popular MTN MiFi data bundle options is the 12GB plan, which provides monthly data to support bandwidth-intensive activities like video streaming, web browsing, and file downloads. Users can easily activate the 12GB MiFi data bundle by purchasing it from eShop.

For customers looking for the best data plan for their MTN MiFi device, MTN offers a selection of priced MiFi bundles tailored to diverse usage needs. These include plans with higher data caps as well as unlimited data options, giving subscribers the flexibility to choose the most suitable package for their connectivity requirements.

Combining the versatility of MTN's 4G MiFi devices with reliable, high-speed data bundles, these monthly broadband MiFi plans provide users with seamless, on-the-go internet access tailored to their unique requirements.

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