20GB+25mins Monthly Plan

20GB+25mins Monthly Plan

20GB+2GB YouTube Night+300MB YouTube Music + 25mins.
30 days
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Among the diverse range of data plans to cater to the varied needs of subscribers, the MTN 20GB data plan gives a substantial amount of data for browsing, streaming, and communication throughout the month. Additionally, MTN offers a 20GB+25mins Monthly Plan, which not only includes ample data but also provides a bundle of minutes for voice calls, ensuring connectivity for subscribers. With a commitment to affordability and convenience, MTN's monthly data plans come with fair prices, making them accessible to a broad spectrum of users.

MTN also caters to specific usage patterns and preferences with plans like the MTN 2GB YouTube Night plan. This allows subscribers to enjoy uninterrupted streaming on YouTube during the night without consuming their regular data allocation.

MTN's eShop provides flexible subscription options, making it easy for users to renew their plans. Overall, MTN's monthly data plans offer reliability, affordability, and versatility to its Nigerian subscribers.

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