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If you have multiple Family Pack bundles active on your line, the bundle with the least validity will be used first.

Example: If you have a 20GB Monthly Plan and 400GB 3-Month Plan both active on your line, the 20GB Monthly Plan will be used first before the 400GB 3-Month Plan.

If you exhaust the bundle before the renewal date, all your beneficiaries will no longer be able to browse from the bundle and every internet activity would be deducted from their personal lines. However, once the bundle is renewed the allocated data volume would reset and both you and your beneficiaries would be able to browse with the Family Pack bundle.

As soon as you exhaust your Family Pack bundle before the expiry, your data access will be suspended, and you will not be able to browse again. To continue browsing, you may need to do one of the following:
• Buy another Family Pack by dialling *131*1*7#
• Buy a Top-up Plan

To activate the Top-up Plan, you must first ensure that you have a Family Pack bundle active on your line. You can activate the Family Pack Top-up Plan via the following channels:
• USSD: by dialling *131*1*7# and selecting the ‘Buy Family Pack’ option.
• SMS: by sending the activation code to 131. See table below for details.

The Top-up bundle will inherit the remaining validity days of the last Family Pack plan active on your line. Therefore, if the validity of the active Family Pack monthly plan you activated on your line is remaining 5 days, the validity of the Top-up Plan you purchased would be 5 days.

• Yes. You will enjoy FREE 50minutes and 100 SMS’ to communicate only with your Family Pack beneficiaries. Note that you will not enjoy any other bonus offers such as Upgrade offer, Device offer, Referral offer, and any double data offer on your Family Pack bundle.
Your FREE 50minutes and 100 SMS’ will be valid 30 days.
Your FREE 500MB data will be valid for 30 days from the day you registered the beneficiary. You will be able to use the FREE data all-day to access any websites/apps.
No, you will not be able to transfer data from your Family Pack bundle.

Yes, you will be able to roll over your Unused main data including your Top-up bundles ONLY if you buy another data plan from the same category with the current bundle within the stipulated grace period. **Note, you will NOT be able to rollover any unused data bonus. See table below for details:

Data Plan

Bundle Roll Over Category

Roll Over period



7 days



7 days

Top-up (ad hoc)



You will be able to check your Family Pack’s sponsor and beneficiary’s allotted data balance via the following channels:
• USSD: by dialing *131*1*7#, then select ‘Balance Enquiry’ option, or *556#, and *131*4# on your mobile phone
• SMS: Texting 2 to 131

MTN Family Pack is a data bundle bouquet with unique feature of data share which allows customers (sponsors) to add and allocate data to 5 beneficiaries. The sponsor will be able to set usage limits for each beneficiary while all the usages will be deducted from the sponsor’s account. The sponsor will also get FREE 500MB for each beneficiary added and enjoy FREE complimentary 50 minutes and 100 SMS’ for every Family Pack bundle activated to communicate with the beneficiaries.
All MTN Customers can subscribe to MTN Family Pack. However, customers will not be able to serve as both Family Pack sponsor and beneficiary at the same time.
They are Monthly, Bi-monthly, and Top – up plans. See table below for the available Family Pack bundles.

You can subscribe to MTN Family Pack via the following channels:

• USSD: By dialling *131*1*7# and select your preferred plan
• SMS: By sending the bundle plan keyword to 131.

(See table below for keywords). You will also enjoy FREE 50 voice minutes and 100 SMS’ on every Family Pack bundle you buy.

You will become a Family Pack sponsor the moment you activate any Family Pack bundles on your line. Note that you cannot be a beneficiary of another sponsor while you are having a Family Pack bundle active on your line.
You can be a Family Pack beneficiary if you are added as a beneficiary by another line (sponsor). Note that you will not be able to activate a Family Pack bundle i.e. become a sponsor while you are a beneficiary.
No. You can only be a beneficiary of one Family Pack sponsor at a time. However, you can decline to be a beneficiary of a sponsor by dialling *131*1*7# on your mobile phone and select ‘Manage Beneficiary/Sponsor’ option.
To add a beneficiary, simply dial *131*1*7# and select ‘Add New Beneficiary’ option. You will get FREE 500MB data each for the first 5 beneficiaries you added.
You will be able to add 5 beneficiaries for FREE in every 30 days. However, you will be charged N100 for each modification (i.e. edit/replace) after registering the 5 phone numbers within 30 days. To modify added beneficiaries simply dial *131*1*7# and select ‘Manage Beneficiary’ option.
You can set data limits for your beneficiaries by dialling *131*1*7# select option for ‘Add New Beneficiary/Sponsor’, then select ‘Allocate Family Pack’ option. You will be able to allocate data as much as you have in your balance.

You will be able to opt in for auto-renewal or renew the bundle by sending R+bundle code to 131.

Example: If you have an active 20GB Monthly Family Plan that is on One-off purchase, you will be able to renew it by sending R21 to 131.

See all auto-renewal commands in the table below.

Yes, you will be able to cancel auto-renewal on your Family Pack bundle anytime by sending the opt-out keyword to 131. See table below.
Yes, you can activate multiple Family Pack bundles. Each bundle purchased will have its own unique expiry dates and you will enjoy FREE 50 minutes and 100 SMS’ on every bundle activated.
Yes, you will be able to buy a Family Pack bundle, however, you will only be able to allocate data to your beneficiaries from the Family Pack. The data depletion priority on your line would be based on the validity of the active bundles where the bundle with the least validity will take precedence.
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